Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Work & Rest

This Raya weekend has been all ministry with last Friday's lectures on the Church Constitution and Sunday-Monday seminar on Church Growth. Just when I thought I deserved some rest today I have to drive back to Ranau late afternoon for my lectures tomorrow on Hebrews 2 & 3 perhaps reaching Hebrews 4 on Thursday if I add extra classes. Hebrews 4 is on rest and those who have believed are entering into God's rest.
As for me, my labours for the Lord are done as rest in the Lord as our labours have ceased just as God had rested from all his works when Jesus died on the cross. This work is completed before the foundation of the world and if we Christians believe we will also rest from all our works. This labouring for the Lord will go on until this earthly tent could no longer take it even as our outer man wastes away our inner man is renewed day by day. At most I have 15 years of fruitful labours and then I truly will enter into God's rest either in Christ's coming or through death.

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