Monday, June 19, 2017

Working Sunday

I did not preach yesterday but it was one of the most fruitful Sunday I had for quite some time. I visited two of my students who are on a 2-month practical field work. I got up early and just before 8am I drove some 40kms to Tenghilan a township between KK and Kota Belud. It was a small town with two rows of old wooden shops and a row of new shops with a supermarket. I reached there before 9am and my student was seated at the door of the church with the worship team in rehearsal for the 10am service. My student took me to his residence just next to the church and we spent 40mins catching up. He was due to preach so I did not want to distract him too much. The Sunday service was eventful with the Secondary school girls presenting a native dance in their traditional attire of Dusun Lotud, one of the many Dusun sub tribes.
My third year student preached a good message on Christian growth. After service the fellowship lunch was warm and filled with godly conversatio. As some youths from the District committee came visiting I managed to learn from them of their recent and forthcoming activities. They were in church to promote the August Youth State wide conference where I preached last year to 5,000 people. After lunch my student and I went to visit another of my student who is based in a village. I never thought Tuaran which is only 30kms from KK has so many villages. It took us 45 mins to reach Wangkop, a village church planted by a larger village church in Gontung. Happen chance we drove all the way to Gontung missing the left junction on the left but it was a good opportunity to meet the lady pastor of Gontung church and as she was a good friend of my student she came along with us to Wangkop. I was only too happy as she guided us to our destination without further detour. We reached the village church at 1.45pm and straightway we were greeted by about 20 church members who had been waiting for us since early morning. My student in Wangkop seemed happy enough but she was suffering from sore throat. I was told some church members took her diving a few days ago and she caught a cold. But she is one of my brightest students and I could see that the church was fond of her and were already saying that she would be missed when she returned to College in 3 weeks' time. Just before 3pm I was brought to see the new church building which could seat 200 people. The leaders appeared driven and united to see that the church is completed before Christmas 2018. At 3pm sharp I left and drove my male student back to Tenghilan and I returned to KK arriving home just past 4.30pm.

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