Thursday, July 30, 2020

Politics in Sabah & Malaysia

Late last night Sabahans were rocked with news that there could be a change of government with the former Chief Minister returning to power with a simple majority in the State Assembly. The former CM had served for 15 years before being ousted two years ago and he was recently acquitted of multiple corruption charges. As for me, I spent some time praying to the Lord, praying for my friends especially those in politics. Only last Sunday in Ranau, I spoke with a politician friend at length and after his several requests for prayers, I prayed for him with the leaders of my former church. Whichever side he chooses, I will still be his friend for as a pastor I am apolitical in a way, though I am very much interested in politics and the State of Sabah's development.  This Ranau assemblyman has proven a great friend for many years. I very much appreciated his presence along with his wife in my 25-year anniversary in full-time ministry thanksgiving service last December. He even bought a gift for me.
When I was in Namaus's Bible College without a house, he offered to renovate an old house amounting to tens of thousands ringgit and I lived there for a full 2 years (Jan 2017-Jan 2019). Many who should have shown support to me failed to do so but this politician friend had proven to be a faithful friend. The other Ranau politician whom I know has now assumed high office in the Federal Government. He also honoured me with his attendance at my farewell home group late 2018 which was in fact my farewell as I was leaving the College at the end of that year, though I went back for a week in Jan 2019 to teach an intensive course. This friend is also a friend though I may not have known him as long as my other friend. Both are precious to me because they had shown friendship and went beyond the call of duty while many church leaders whom I had served with had only disappointed me with their lack of love and appreciation, in fact in return of my love and service, some of them had shown enmity, ill-will and hatred. So no matter what political leanings or winds of change may bring my two friends into the same or opposing political camps, I will continue to pray for them that in their hearts of hearts they will do what is right and true before the Lord and before men and serve their country with distinction as long as they hold political office in the land.

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