Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Village & Town

I am an urbanite through and through. Big cities like Melbourne and Singapore are my cup of tea. I think I will thrive in Auckland or London for sure. But being back in Sabah for 6 plus years now makes me wonder about my life and future. The first half of the year had sped past. Even though for 3 months I was made to stay at home but I was always busy, preparing two sermons a week and responding to the many WhatsApp’s text and the like. So yesterday for the first time this year I took time off and returned to my wife’s village. Now I am spending a couple of hours in Tambunan township and it was a pleasant change compared to the hectic pace of Kota Kinabalu. I could just relax, drink my coffee and watch the cars go past the main road in the town and there are not many.
Yesterday I wasn’t too keen to make the 2-hour journey. Tambunan is slightly nearer to KK than Ranau, but just as winding and uphill. I was tired yesterday from the exertion of Sunday’s night ministry to the teenagers. For the whole Sunday afternoon of more than 2 hours I was praying and waiting on the Lord. I knew that it was going to be a long lecture so that I prayed even harder that the Lord would grant me the anointing and the words to speak to the young people without being boring, academic or pedantic. I thought my talk went really well. I had to crack a few jokes and shared two or three short testimonies about my love for the Bible since the topic was about the Bible. At the end my Chairman who attended (I think he had a teenage daughter present) and he told me that on the topic of canonisation could easily take 3 hours. But for 85 minutes I covered about 7 topics and the Lord helped me and He was present in the midst of His people.

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