Saturday, July 4, 2020

Sabbath in Sabah

Today I tried to keep myself busy preparing for the course on eschatology which I shall be teaching at my former College in Ranau in 2 weeks’ time, God willing. Besides that I managed to sell 7 of my books, 6 on the Gospel of John and one copy of Departure Points in my former KK church today. The pastor there was very kind to reserve another 50 copies for church deacons and cell group leaders. Then I sold another two copies of my commentary on John to two other persons who were attending a children’s state level meeting. So I rejoiced in the Lord and I think my Ranau trip will also be fruitful as I could promote my books in another of my former church which I pastored in 2005. The chairman of the church knew I was coming to Ranau and invited me to preach after my course at the College. But I have yet to respond to his invitation because that Sunday evening I have to conduct a young teenage group.
I am not sure whether I am up to preaching twice in the morning and speaking for another 2 hours in the evening with a 2-hour drive from Ranau to KK in between. May the Lord grant me strength to speak forth His Word. So today I am supposed to enjoy my last Sabbath day for at least the next 5 weeks. I am steeling myself not just for the ministry but writing my two books. One is on the book of Revelation (12,000 words) and one book on the Song of Songs (21,500 words) which is being revised. I think with the NT application my book on SS will not be more than 30,000 words just about the length of a Masters thesis. But above all, I am looking forward to tomorrow night with the young teenage Bible study. I started a week before the MCO but the class had ceased for 4 months and by God’s grace and power it will be restarted tomorrow. I have to train the next generation until my strength is no more.

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