Monday, February 23, 2015

An Eschatological Temple in Jerusalem

I preached non-stop for 8 consecutive weeks. Sunday is the new day of the week, the 8th day. Yesterday was my 8th Sunday. It proved to be a new beginning of sorts. First, altar call and I had my first vision of the year. The worship song at the beginning of the service touched the core of my heart. I was reflecting on a good LunarNY with my parents and my brothers and their families. All were present except my son who is still in New Zealand. I was praying for their salvation, these long 33 years since I was converted but none of my siblings have come to know the Lord. The Lord suddenly showed me the eschatological temple built on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.
How long has this structure stood which is not my temple in my holy place? saith the Lord. I thought in the vision about 1,300 years but the Lord is still waiting for his temple to be rebuilt preceding his coming again to Jerusalem to set up his millennial kingdom. Momentarily I was caught up in the Spirit but I quickly wiped away a few tears as I ascended to the pulpit to conduct our monthly holy communion.

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