Sunday, February 22, 2015

Immediacy of History

I can't think of a better platform to record history than blogging. History is made and is immediately written and published. Though one may argue it is best written after a period of reflection, yet often times there is nothing better than the red hot crucible of experience where history worth noting is made. Today I experienced a measure of what I thought that I could accomplish as a pastor in Sabah rather a theologian in Singapore. Though I preached regularly in many churches in Singapore my experience of God's direct empowering of his people through the laying of hands was evidently missing in the churches I ministered in. But today after a number of attempts I saw the Lord worked mightily to bless his people by pouring out a measure of His Spirit. Continuing my series on Matthew's Gospel I preached about the Spirit of God coming upon Jesus and Jesus, the Baptizer of the Spirit. In about 35 minutes I expounded on the some familiar texts from John 4,13 to v. 14 and 7,37 to v. 38. Then I looked into Acts 2 and spoke about the Spirit being given to all, young and old, men and women, boys and girls all recipients of God's promise of the Spirit through Jesus Christ. Having moved two rows of chairs in front to make way for tambourines as part of worship I made an altar call and prayed for about 20 people who came forward out of about 120 worshippers in the 2nd service. Many were touched by the Lord, some with strong cries and tears. I prayed for a few who were sick and believed the Lord to heal them. Even a number of elders and deacons came forward to be prayed for.

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