Monday, February 2, 2015

Dating & Marking Scripture

I have a habit of dating and marking my Bible whenever I felt the Lord spoke to me. This morning I read Psalm 119,147 "I rise before dawn and cry for help; I hope in your words." Below the verse is dated 13,3, 1988, almost 27 years ago. Today I mark it 2,2 2015 and I trust if I live long enough I will return to it in 27 years' time. Amazingly by the grace of God, this morning I could rise before dawn. I felt asleep at 12
30am last night after an 19-hour long day. I preached two services and opened the gates of the church at 7am. We have others to do that but I count it privilege to be the doorkeeper of the Lord's house if I get there earlier. After church my wife and I grabbed a bite and I rushed off to Taginambur (my first place of ministry in 1994) to attend a funeral.
It was an 90 mins drive one way and we got back to Ranau at 5.30pm. I kind of reflected on the death of a senior leader in my denomination, only in his mid 50s. I already told my friends one main reason for my return to Sabah is to serve the Lord while my strength remains in this second half of life and ministry. Many things went through my mind after the funeral and I could not rest until I went to a finance meeting at 8pm. That meeting lasted till 11pm and we had supper fellowship until midnight. I gave a few words of encouragement to my church treasurer and thanked him for this work and told him that to be treasurer of a local church is probably the hardest ministry there is. Every cent has to be accounted for and invariably there will be questions from fellow leaders and members how finances are spent. My denomination practises a completely transparent financial accounting system where we report weekly collection in the bulletin and we have AGM where church members have access to a full set of audited accounts and they can ask the leadership over a day long meeting how the money is spent. Indeed, the joy of the Lord is my strength and I rose before dawn again and cried to the Lord for help and put my faith in his words.

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