Saturday, February 7, 2015


From time to time we need to get washover. Dirt and grime stick fast and if it is not cleaned out they may bring damage to the body of the car. Hence, after several weeks traveling in the muddy roads of Ranau and its vicinity, I gave my car a washover. It is not an easy job. The water spray had to be so powerful in order that all the unwanted sticky parts got removed. Then the car was soaped all over to rid of the grease and oil. Then another round of water sprayed all over to give it a thorough clean up. After that the drying process begins with the car wiped from one end to another. The inside is then vacuumed and dusted. The alloy rims are polished to look as if new. The tyres too are blackened and the whole process took 60 minutes with two young men working on the car for a fee of RM15.00. It is still pretty affordable, at least car cleaning services have not shot up in price like so many other things.
I ate a small dim-sum roll for RM3.50 when it used to cost 1.80 ten years ago. The milo was RM2 and the pao was another RM2, making it RM7.50 for breakfast and I wasn't even full. The washing over tells us that we too need cleansing from time to time, perhaps daily. We need the powerful force of the water of the Spirit (John 4) and the Word (Eph 5) to make us clean from dirt and grime of the world, from sins that stick so closely and greasy addictions that don't seem to go away unless by the powerful presence of the Spirit continually applied in our lives even as Paul the apostle said, "if by the Holy Spirt we put to death the deeds of the body we shall live." (Rom 8,13).

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