Thursday, February 26, 2015

Psychology of Leadership

I had to take the afternoon off as I was just too tired to go down to my office after 4 hours of teaching and conversation in the College. It was unusually early start for me, before 4am and the chill in the air woke me up and I had plenty of time going through my notes before driving to College. I found my first year students extremely enthusiastic and it was easy to teach though it was tough going through Numbers and Deuteronomy in 3 hours. As it is an introductory course I told them I was merely doing a survey but we managed to spend an hour or so on the psychology of leadership based on 3 or 4 incidents in Numbers where Moses' leadership was severely tested and challenged.
I drew upon my own experience of leadership and shared a number of actual cases where peace and unity was restored instead of strife and conflict among leaders. After class I stayed on for another 30mins, first time I spent considerable time to sustained conversation with about 10 students who stayed back. There were many questions about current issues in ministry which they faced in their churches. Tomorrow we have a combined cell group meeting celebrating birthdays of those in February and on Saturday an elder is turning 70 years old and on Sunday I am only preaching once but had to chair the elders' meeting straight after the 2nd service and the deacons' meeting after that. I expect a busy weekend and look forward to God's empowering grace in the ministry of His Word.

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