Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Testament 2 Exams in Session

Trinity Theological College, Singapore
NT 2 Exams (2013): Answer 3 questions only, 1 question from each Section (Time allowed: 3 hours; open book)

Section A: Paul’s Letters (Answer 1 question only):
1.       How is the Gospel preached by Paul the apostle (Romans 1:16-17) connected with the list of vices from Romans 1:18 onwards? Discuss Paul’s view on homosexuality in Romans 1.
2.       In what ways are the Philippians called to partner Paul the apostle in the proclamation of the Gospel?
3.       How is a man or woman of God equipped for the work of the ministry according to 1 & 2 Timothy?
4.       “Paul’s boasting of his weaknesses and not his achievements” subverts his opponents’ notion of charismatic leadership. What is Paul’s theology of ministry according to 2 Corinthians?
5.       Explain the chronology of events that will precede Jesus’ parousia according to 1 & 2 Thessalonians.
Section B: General Epistles (Answer 1 question only):
1.       In what ways can we say that our salvation is conditional upon our faith in Jesus Christ according to the Letter to the Hebrews? Can believers fall away from the faith?
2.       “He who controls his tongue is perfect”, says James. What are some of the main concerns of James for God’s people in his letter to the 12 tribes in Dispersion?
3.       How shall believers live in a hostile world according to the letter known as 1 Peter?
4.       What are the stages of Christian growth in 1 John? How does John see “young men” in the Lord?
5.       How do the references from the extra-biblical literature quoted or alluded by Jude function in his letter?

Section C: The Book of Revelation (Answer 1 question only):
1)      How is the book of Revelation structured? List a number of structural and literary devices used throughout Revelation.
2)      Discuss the roles and functions of two or three main characters in the book of Revelation.

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