Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Where You are, there I will be" (John 12)

I wish I could take a vacation without worrying about the papers I have yet to mark. I have been rushing like mad to get the papers graded but alas there are still a few more left on my desk. This morning, wanting a break from my office I took a stack of essays to breakfast. I managed to grade 2 essays while enjoying a croissant at Bukit Timah Plaza. I felt a bit guilty for spending S$10.00 on breakfast after reading Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography that he fasted often and survived on fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The Semester is winding down despite a few more papers to grade. By end of the week, I will begin preparing for my Romans' elective in earnest. I am bringing Talbert's commentary with me to Sabah.

By the grace of God, I feel fully settled now in Singapore, but I dare not feel too comfortable. Just last time when I thought I was happily settled into my pastorate and my new home in KK, in less than a year the Lord began to stir and I left Sabah for Singapore. And it's been 5 years, like a flash. As for me, I am ready, Lord for I and my family will serve the Lord. Whether it be in KL, or KK or Singapore, I shall be there where You are, Lord. Only show to me and lead me where Thou would want me to go and I shall obey, by Your grace.

I am excited about taking one month's break from preaching. I preached last Sunday, the last sermon of the Semester in the same church I preached in the first Sunday of 2013 and I won't be preaching again until the 23rd June in Singapore and also 30th June in Kuala Lumpur. Interestingly, the church I preached at last Sunday invited me as their Church Camp speaker for June 2014 and the chairperson suggested that it could be in Sabah. How wonderful that would be!

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