Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cards in a City

Have cards will travel. This evening I received a travel card, AMTC, Adult travel monthly concession costing $120.00. I don't think I spend up to $100.00 a month on travel on buses and MRT, but it was good for a kind of souvenir of my sojourn in Singapore, whether it will be my last month in June or the beginning of many months in the Lion city. I am amazed how efficient and orderly Singapore is. Last night I travelled back from Takashimaya bookstore and took bus 700 to Bukit Panjang. It was choking full but no one seemed to mind just quietly queuing and minding their own business. I have observed often times foreigners, maids giving up their seats to those in need. But sad to say young Singaporeans rarely make the effort to give way to the old and women folks, our aunties. Just last week I gave up my seat to a young woman who had a mask on. I thought she could be ill, so I offered my seat. I read about a Caucasian woman heavily pregnant and squatting in a MRT without anyone caring.

I care because I am a Christian. I will give way to anyone regardless of race and religion. I love people because of Christ, for humanity's sake, made in God's image, each man and woman worthy of our respect irrespective of their station or citizenship status. CHRIST is the great leveller when Scripture says everyone has fallen short of the glory of God and there is no one righteous. So I look forward to activating my AMTC card and perhaps do a bit of sight-seeing in the city where I have callled home for 6 years. Singapore is really a great city, an intellectual capital of Asia - NUS Asian top university and NTU not far behind. If I stay in Singapore by God's grace, this city state will become a Christian intellectual capital, where all nations can call home, especially those who love God with all their hearts and with all their minds.

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