Thursday, May 8, 2014

Set & Sealed

I had a final tweak to my exams paper for NT 2 this morning which I set two months ago. Now it is set and sealed and there will not be further changes. It is going to be a difficult exams, hence I have given the students the open book option - bring what you want, prepare what you can and write or type what you will and give me your answers in 3 hours, come 15th May. It will be my finale as lecturer in New Testament, a post or title that I am unsure whether I will ever hold again.
My preference, lecturer in Bible or lecturer in biblical studies or biblical interpretation. My God-given gift and training is interpreting the biblical text. I have given myself wholehearted to this endeavour like Ezra who devoted himself to the study and research of the law of God, obey what is contained therein Lord my imperfections and weaknesses are not hidden from Thee, and teach it in Israel. It is my dream one day to teach Israel's Scripture in Israel for the Word of the Lord shall come forth from Zion and the law of the Lord from Jerusalem.

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