Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ready for A Year, A Month, Day and Hour (Rev 9.15)

Two years ago I was ready to move on. Then when it was certain I planned for 3 semesters of electives, the Fourth Gospel, Romans and Revelation. From years it came down to months and weeks. Now there are only 40 days before I had to move out to somewhere but where it is, is still unknown.Years, months, weeks and now days. When the sixth trumpet blows, the four angels are said to have been prepared for "this hour, day, month and year" (Rev 9.15).
God's timing is always perfect. He has every thing in control down to the last hour. Today for devotions I read Isaiah 64.4 where it is written, "Eyes have not seen nor ears heard nor has it entered the heart of men what God has prepared for those who wait on him". In HCSV, it is "God acts for him who waits on Him."

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