Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Music is the Language of God

I think this is a line from Beethoven, if I am not mistaken. As much as I feel that many Pentecostals and charismatics have gone overboard in terms of noise and speaker volume, there is no doubt that music and song is the stuff of the gods. We know that there is only one God revealed through Jesus Christ. But who is this God and how is He worshipped? If you look at David, from young he was already a skilled harpist and an accomplished musician. Why did God love David? It must be because of David's songs and sweet melodies, most of which are now what we have as the Psalms. A song pleases You, O Lord more than a thousand bulls and rams. Do we have that excitement when we worship God? Look at David, how he danced and whirled like a common man, despised by his Queen but honoured by the King of Kings, God himself.
Have we danced before the Lord? Some even find raising hands a chore and a burden. Relax and loosen up if you truly love Scripture. Lifting of hands is biblical and mentioned both in the OT and the NT countless times, especially in the worship of the psalms. One Sunday ago, I preached on Rev 15-16. In the midst of the last judgments, called the last plagues of God's wrath, the praise and music of God's people is given prominence. They sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb with their harps. In Rev 14:1-5, the 144,000 are said to be harpists harping their harps praising God and the Lamb who stands on Mount Zion where the Temple of God is (cf. Rev 11:1). Angels and the multitudes sing in the book of Revelation (Rev 5, 7). The saints sing hallelujahs (4 times) welcoming the Lord of Lords, the Bridegroom of the Bride. Why songs? It is the fruit of joy. Lamentations can result in mournful songs as well but in Revelation, it is the rejoicing of God's people in the midst of persecution and martyrdom. The Lord is my song and my strength. If fact, those who sing are the strong. They receive strength from the God of Jacob when they sing unto Him with all their hearts. If OT worship represented by King David could be so joyous and glorious, how much more so the worship in the New Testament? Is there real joy in your church worship? What are the hindrances? Why are you so stiff and so wooden? Do you really love God? Those who are in love with Jesus will sing the sweet songs of the Lord.

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