Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cutting Ties & Burning Bridges

I may leave one place to another which in a sense is cutting ties and burning bridges. But in another sense one thing I do not do is to cut ties with friends or burn bridges with churches and institutions. My return to Kota Kinabalu is largely facilitated by friends who remember my ministry with a degree of fondness and these ties will be renewed by the will of the Lord. The bond that ties brothers together is love and when there is love ties are not broken but remain strong. Bridges that are not burnt could be traversed again, bridges of friendship and comradeship. A lot of these ties are made and strengthened over a cup of coffee in fellowship and mutual encouragement in the work of the Lord.
In Malay, we have this cherished term with which we call one another, rakan seperjuangan, a comrade-in-arms as soldiers in the army of the Lord fighting a battle against the forces of darkness and evil. How do we fight unless it is through love for love overcomes evil? I have just days before the battle is joined and I need all my brothers and sisters on this great company of the Lord, going forth conquering and to conquer with the eternal gospel preached from heaven.

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