Hope against Hope

Abraham and David are among my favourite fathers in the Old Testament. Abraham went forth without knowing where he was going. The destination was not told him until he was on the way. Just before I left Sabah on Wednesday, my future was still totally in the dark. I proceeded to cancel my credit card and close my bank accounts except one for no man can escape the tax man and until next year I will still need to pay taxes for income earned this year. This time we bought return tickets to Sabah. But all these without knowing what my future holds for me.
I could stay on in Singapore if I wanted to but by faith I obeyed. So after I had cut ties and burnt bridges, I opened my email and lo and behold, news came that I was offered a position that led to my previous posting, "Sleepless in Singapore." What 24 hours could do. My calm is restored and I am prepared to face the future and the challenges that lie ahead. The offer ended with the verse, "Be strong and of good courage" (Jos 1,9). How I needed to hear that. Early this morning I whatapps my son in New Zealand and told him the news. Came his reply, "you always wanted to do that right Dad?" I needed no further confirmation and that is it, by the grace of God.


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