Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ku kan Terbang Tinggi (I will fly high)

There is something special about Malay worship songs. Today for a while I did not feel anything until the last song. I am still humming and singing in my heart. I will fly high I will raise my hands and I surrender to You O Lord. And I prayed that the Lord would pour out his love to his children and church members gathered. "What do you want? All I want is You, Lord. My heart breaks with his love outpoured. I can't imagine anyone wanting anything else. I have no desire on earth except You Lord. After service ended I went to drinks fellowship and spoke to at least five ordinary members.
All of them asked me whether I was back for good for they saw me several weeks in a row. This is the first time I spent 5 Sundays in Sabah without the thought of returning to Singapore. Lord I have found my place of rest here in my own church and in my own home even as Scripture says in the year of Jubilee each one of you must return to your possessions and to your family (Lev 25,8).

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