Friday, October 3, 2014

Yom Kippur & A Fresh Start

That's it! I have finished my book. I added a half-page Prologue and a full-page Synopsis. I have reached 61,000 words and 144 pages. I think it is a good number, even given the formatting, etc with photos and maps, the book will be not more than 150 pages, depending on the font size. Tonight I shall be preaching at a State-level Men's Fellowship. It has been raining since last night but I pray the turnout will be good with expected 40 tables to be filled. I will preach from Lev 25:8-13 on the Day of Atonement Yom Kippur and the blowing of trumpets in Jubilee. Menandakan batu peringatan dan pelayanan berpasukan (Marking Milestones & Team Ministry). It will be a fresh start for me. I will move on to another stage of my book project, sourcing a publisher and a translator of my book from English to Malay.
It is timely that tomorrow, my home church will be holding a day of prayer and fasting befitting Yom Kippur the only fast commanded of the Israelites in the Bible. But I am not sure whether I shall be attending. My home-church is praying to seek the Lord's will concerning the appointment a senior pastor in the church. If I go, it might complicate matters. But I might just go because the burden of prayer is getting stronger and I love to pray alongside my brothers and sisters. Not my will, Lord but Yours be done.

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