Saturday, December 20, 2014

"By his Knowledge my Righteous One will Justify Many" (Isa 53,11b)

I have had a wonderful morning preparing for the Christmas sermon tonight. By no means easy. This will not be the typical Christmas sermon as I shall be taking my text from Isaiah 53,11. What a wonderful verse. Both the Bahasa versions got it wrong; the Indonesian has "by his wisdom" and the Bahasa Malaysia Berita Baik got it wrong altogether giving it a totally different sense.
If it is wisdom, the Hebrew word would be "Hokmah" but the Hebrew has "daath". In Hebrew "by his knowledge" is only one word because the Hebrew can affix its preposition and pronoun with the noun which it seeks to explicate or qualify. And it comes in front of the clause in vs. 11 which gives it added prominence. By what knowledge? This will be the subject of my sermon tonight.

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