Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Feasting & Hangover

I skipped today's Open House at my friend's house. I have decided to rest and take time to prepare myself mentally for another round of house moving. I suggested to a friend over lunch yesterday that why can't we skip Christmas one time and donate all the money spent over this Christmas season to the needy? We would have spent RM15,000 to RM20,000 to feed almost 800 people on Christmas and other expenses besides, a record crowd for Christmas in my church. What about using the money to help the flood victims in West Malaysia? The non-stop rounds of feasting are dangerous to health. I put on some weight in December despite regular bike rides. In fact on Christmas dawn and yesterday morning I had long bike rides before attending church at 8am. In Singapore I used to walking and sometimes running to catch buses and trains at MRT stations and I had stayed slim.
But now even buying a newspapers across the road, I hop into my car but this is the beauty that one can travel from point A to point B and then return to your garage at your doorsteps. So I will exercise more. I am bringing my bicycle to Ranau. In fact, I enjoyed this Christmas. 41 new believers were baptized in a pre-service ceremony that lasted 1 hour. Last year I preached twice and attended two consecutive open houses and fell sick the next day. This time round I have learned my lesson and I trust in the Lord that I will be in the best of health when I drive to Ranau to begin the work of the ministry. I have much to share with my church leaders in Ranau but my first assignment is to prepare for the Watch night service sermon to usher the New Year. Speak Lord for Your servant is listening.

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