Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dawn & Dusk Services

Before dawn I drove to Teluk Likas and commenced my regular dawn bike ride for 8km. Last Friday I cycled for 15km with 3 friends from Rasa Ria Resort to Tuaran township. It was too much so I needed to build stamina before attempting longer bike tracks. It was good exercising at dawn and occasionally at dusk. By the time I finished biking, the sun had risen. Speaking of dawn and dusk I am planning to start dawn and dusk services in Ranau.
Perhaps dawn services on Saturdays and dusk services on Fridays. Our regular Sunday services are 8am and 10am respectively as space is limited and we can only cater for 100 people per service. The church leadership is hoping to build a church next to the pastor's house which can fit 300 worshippers.  It was full moon when I looked up to the skies and another month had passed. This is my final full moon in KK and by the grace of God I will enjoy many moons in Ranau, even as God's appointed time is near.

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