Monday, December 1, 2014

His God Teaches Him Aright (Isa 28,26)

One key verse in my coming to the Lord and learning His Word is this: "His God teaches him aright."  (Isa 28,26 MT) The LXX has quite a different take, "So you will be disciplined by the judgment of your God - and you will rejoice." It is by no means irreconcilable. He who is taught by the Lord is one who accepts discipline and through that discipline of bending his mind and will to the teaching, he will rejoice. For I rejoice in your Word more than the abundance of gold and silver, says the Psalmist. Whenever I approach Scripture I ask the Lord to teach me. What are the requirements of being taught? A teachable heart, a humility of spirit to listen and if granted understanding, a quickness to obey. What did David pray for his son if it was not for an obedient heart? As Ezra the scribe is said to study and research the law of the Lord and to obey it before teaching it to the people of Israel (Ezra 7,10).
Since I have been back in KK, I had preached once in church and another time in the daughter church. As the saying goes, "familiarity breeds contempt." How often we rather listen to outsiders and strangers than those who are close to us? That's why itinerant and overseas speakers can make a living because often churches prefer to listen to outside speakers than to one of their own. "He came to his own but his own people did not accept him" (John 1). And a prophet is not without honour except in his hometown, among his household and his relatives. "Don't we know you, the son of Joseph, the carpenter and your brothers and sisters as well?" Alas there is no greater need in the church than one who truly knows God, understands His Word and able to preach and teach it well. Later in Isaiah 29, the people are rebuked for being blind, the experts of the law so-called do not the words of the scroll and those who are not experts when asked to read also say, "We cannot read it." (Isa 29,11-12).

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