Thursday, December 18, 2014

Time to say Goodbye, Building a House.

It is never easy to part with what is familiar. It is never easy to say goodbye to close friends and familiar surroundings. Tonight I am having my neighbours come over. I think they will be surprised when I will say goodbye to them. Not that I see them often in the past but they thought I was back in KK for good. It has been a good run. In few days' time I will have stayed in my own house for 2 months without interruption for the first time in 7 years. I will say goodbye to my readers as well. The next chapter is in Ranau and if my book is published you will read it. A delay now is confirmed because my intended translator has tragically left this world. He was one of my closest friends. I only saw him in church and exchanged greetings with him 3 months ago. I had so much to share with him. Lord, the death of the saints is precious in your sight. When I received news of his death on the way to church 2 weeks ago I was stunned in disbelief. He was only 47. He penned a poem for me during my farewell dinner early 2008. He said he was devastated to see me leave Sabah. In his words, I had only started building the frame of the house, rangka rangka rumah, but now I am back and he is gone with the Lord. I intend to finish building the house, even the house of the Lord. I will not give sleep to my eyes until I find a habitation for my God.

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