Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday Services

I had a wonderful Sunday yesterday. I thank God that after almost 33 years I still find much excitement going to church. "I was glad when they say, let us go up to the house of the Lord." But I was greeted by a Christmas carol and my mood for worship declined. I don't mind singing carols during caroling or on Christmas Day, but it was too early for me. It is still difficult to get readers to read Scripture in the way that honours the text and its original authors. Before the sermon, I excused myself and went to another SIB church service at 9am. Despite the church being small of about 100 members. I was welcomed with warm handshakes all round. Again, I was asked to pray twice, once after the sermon and also the benediction. I will be preaching in this church's Christmas service on 20th Dec. "Fear not little flock it is your Father's pleasure to give you the kingdom". Speaking of little flocks I am preaching in another Christmas service in a village at the outskirts of KK. My homechurch planted this fellowship and next Sunday will be the official launch of the new church building for this fellowship of about 30 adults and 20 children. Normally it will take the fellowship 3 to 5 years to become an independent local church. I thank God for the Evangelism and Mission Unit of my church, always ready to spread the Gospel near and far. A team of 6 people just returned from West Kalimantan where they went from house to house sharing the Gospel. An elder whom we appointed as elder when I was pastor was the prime mover of this outreach. He is well into his retirement but he never tires from serving God. After preaching he went to the other side of town to baptize new believers at a noon baptismal service and then an elders' meeting at 3pm. And he is not paid but ministers out of his own pocket. He testified why he served the Lord. "Because I love". He loves the Lord and he loves people. He said he wept in his prayers for his relatives and friends praying for their salvation so that they don't come under eternal judgment. May this tribe of elders increase for the glory of God.

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