Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rural Communities in Sabah

One church in Singapore that approached me for a senior pastor's position had second thoughts when they saw my CV and thought I might not fit the demographics of their church. I wonder how I fit the demographics of the Ranau church, a rural indigenous community. I admired their faith and courage and I trust they will not be disappointed. On paper I am much more fitted for Singaporean Chinese English speaking community being an urban English speaking Chinese myself.  But I have learned to adapt and to be a Jew to a Jew, to be a Gentile to a Gentile, to be a Dusun to a Dusun, to be an intellectual to an intellectual,  to be a barbarian to a barbarian, to be all things to all men for Christ's sake.
The rural communities deserve the best and there are too many pastors who are stuck in the cities and not able to move when the call comes. The rural communities are no means backward. I have been to several rural churches in Sabah that have IT and sound equipment that beat what I had in TTC. Many rural youths are smart and IT savvy. They are on Twitter and Wechat. Some even read my blog and are bloggers themselves. They are great musicians. This small SIB church has already produced 2 albums. I am excited to start at least 2 New services, one an English service for the youths and one service that focuses on in-depth study of the Bible. That makes 4 services in a week. Whether there will be 5 or 50 or 500 I am ready to serve and avail myself to the rural communities in Ranau. During school holidays I will hold 2-week Bible Camps, morning learn Greek, afternoon sports and living skills and night the Bible. Well if they are enough Singaporean youths who are interested in interior mission I may even conduct Camps in English. Why can't we have Greek plus mission trip to Borneo?

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