Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Next Chapter

I hope to add another chapter to my book, "The Wait". I waited exactly one year to the day to find out what my future ministry will be. I think I have passed the test. Just. There were times I thought I was still needed in Singapore especially it took so long for my Sabah's position to come through. Really my life has thus far been living on faith and I have a chapter worth of story to tell in my 12-month wait. If wait for another 6 months I will have a Ranau chapter to add and the book will never end, very much like our lives before God are always filled with surprises and hopes of God's workings and mighty acts.
It is not everyday three of my former students contacted me. One asked me whether I was going to attend his wedding in Vietnam. One from Singapore and the other from Myanmar. One day I would like to visit my former students and perhaps, God willing, I shall preach in their churches throughout the world.

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