Monday, November 24, 2014

In a Lost World

Last night I gave a 3min testimony in my halting Hakka. It was awful but with a mix of English I managed to get the message across. Before that we sang a number of Hakka songs with Chinese lyrics which I just hummed along. I was in a lost world among Chinese speaking Chinese. I felt awfully uncomfortable throughout but for the sake of my neighbour I persevered. It was a far cry from the two meetings I spoke at in 2 SIB churches. The Malay-speaking Dusuns are my family and I felt very much at home.
Despite my voice cracking due to a recent cold, I spoke about 50 minutes and the impact was evident. Many wept before the Lord and were comforted. It reminded me of my 3 years of travelling in the villages where I saw thousands revived. O Lord grant that Your servant may speak of Your power to a generation yet to be born. May the church revive again through the preaching of Your Word in the power of Your Holy Spirit.

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