Thursday, November 27, 2014

Catching Up with Old Friends

Yesterday my wife and I had Lamb Masala in the Leaf, a restaurant owned and operated by TAR College. Tonight we are going to a dinner to witness the launch of a CD of songs composed and sung by church members from the church I preached last Sunday. This morning out of a sudden I went up to a dental clinic and reconnected with a friend I did not see for 10 years. We are going for Japanese dinner tomorrow night. This friend was the first SIB leader who welcomed me as a visitor and later visited me in my home in KK when I was 25 years old. I am still astounded and astonished that in my 6 years attending many churches in Singapore no one welcomed me as a visitor. Old friends are better than new but new friends are somewhat closer because of recent contacts and friendship in recent past. My Singaporean friends are still very much in my heart and mind though I do not miss Singapore anymore. My heart is set to see what I can do for my State and my country. Knowing the many twists and turns I had gone through in the past 12 months, even until end of October I thought I might stay on in Singapore, so when my job is done here, God knows where I shall be next. Only that I am determined to fulfil God's purpose for me in my generation as David fulfilled God's will in his generation.

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