Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Paul the Traveller

I just downloaded William Barclay's Paul the Traveller from biblicalstudies.org.uk. Paul, the greatest missionary and apostle was a traveller. For the journeys he made on foot and by sea, it was still remarkable considering that it was mainly in Turkey, Syria and Greece. Whether Paul went as far as Spain is still undetermined. But Asia Minor and Western Europe would never be the same again because of Paul. A Christianized Turkey for 600 years after Christ and with what is happening now in Turkey is worth pondering. Instead of churches, the government of Turkey planned to build 80 mosques in seats of higher learning, the Universities. I became a Christian in my first year at University and it is indeed a fertile ground of mission for Christianity or for whatever religion that offers a comprehensive way of life, here and in eternity.

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