Saturday, November 1, 2014

From Singapore to Ranau

It's confirmed. I have not opened the letter yet but on the way to Ranau yesterday afternoon I got a call from my HQ that my appointment has been finalized. I will be in Ranau, a small town two hours from Kota Kinabalu, 20 minutes from Kinabalu Park where Mount Kinabalu is located. This morning at 5.30am I drove around town, surveyed and placed it under God's authority. I was moved in my spirit, my belly quivered and out of it flowed a mighty force for God's presence was here:"Return home and I shall be with you and bless you." God spoke to Jacob and he had spoken to me. When I got the news from HQ I rejoiced and the wait is over.
I will begin in the New Year which means I have 2 more months on Sabbatical. Shall I take a holiday somewhere? Perhaps not. The Principal of the Bible College, 20 minutes from Ranau had asked me to teach one course next year. Would it be Greek? I may still have time to prepare my Greek lessons in Malay if I stay focused. LORD You are great and You deserve my all. I am waiting for the 9am service to start when I shall delivering the convocation address to 35 graduates at the SIB Pekan Ranau church, one of the historic SIB churches in the State. Last night we had a graduation dinner at the College at the Asang Hall (named after Trevor White or Asang his local name who was our pioneer missionary from England and he built most of the College's facilities in the early 80s when he was in his mid 60s).

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