10 Books & 10 Boxes

This time I will travel light. I realized during my six years of sojourn in Singapore I had accumulated too many things. Although I had thrown out or given away half my things I still had to send 10 boxes back to Sabah. I only had space for 10 books. But I will take a few boxes of books with me to Ranau. Two bags of clothings will do. I have not seen the manse or pastor's house but I was told that the office is downstairs, so I will save fuel from travelling to the office if I were in Kota Kinabalu. It is a beautiful land, one that I will soon discover by travelling to every corner of the State. It will not be immediate as for the first 6 months I will focus solely on the church that took the leap of faith in engaging me, a man born out of time and also out of place. Only time will tell whether I will fit but God never makes a mistake. Where He sends He will equip so that the man of God is ever ready to serve the interests of Jesus Christ.


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