Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Those who Tremble at my Words (Isaiah 66)

I have another 6 weeks before making a move once again. This Sabbatical will last 6 months, longest I have taken thus far. I thought I was going to enjoy my own home for a while but it is fated and ordained that I should not enjoy homely comforts for too long. I have never spent longer than a year in my own house before moving out for ministry. A pilgrim I am Lord for You know where You go I will follow, even to the ends of the earth. I have no doubt for those with eyes to see, lifestyle choices speak louder than words. Prophetic signs and gestures are open to all to discern but alas how many know what God desires them to know. Indeed it is to babes and sucklings that God has revealed himself. Whom the Son chooses to reveal the Father and those whom the Father chooses to reveal the Son. The proud He knows from afar but to this one I look to, saith the Lord, to him who is broken in spirit and trembles at My Words. The engagement with Scripture can only mean one thing. Either you bow before God the Word or you choose your own way of disobedience and rebellion. God is not mocked. Let no one think that he can approach Scripture simply for the sake of knowledge or study so-called. The Word of God confronts us like a fire shut in our bones, dividing soul and spirit and revealing the intents of our heart. How can we say we love God when we don't take seriously what He says, "Why call me Lord Lord when you do not do what I say?" Jesus asked of all who claim to be his followers. Why do you not follow Me where I want you to be yet you claim to be a follower of Christ? Indeed many shall say on that Day, have we not done this good work, preach this sermon, pray for the sick, cast out demons but I say unto you, " Depart from Me, you evildoers for I never knew you."

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