Friday, November 21, 2014

By Faith Moses Refused...

Not all things are beneficial, not even material blessings and the prestige of power. It was by faith that Moses refused to be known as the son of Pharoah's daughter and chose instead to be ill-treated in company with God's people rather than to enjoy for a time the pleasures of sin (Heb 11,24). Further Moses considered the insults of the Messiah something more precious than all the treasures of Egypt. Following the Messiah is bound with the cross of the Messiah who though did no wrong was often maligned by the world. "The world cannot hate you but it hates me for I testify that its works are evil." Moses' motivation was the reward, probably the reward of God's promise that he would be deliverer and judge of Israel despite being rejected by his people in the beginning. Moses had to leave Egypt and ventured into the unknown but he was able to be resolute in the barren wilderness of Midian because he was like a man who could see the invisible (v. 27). How often we don't move or obey God because we could not see the Invisible. When Jacob was promised God's presence it came to him as a word, a promise and a revelation but Jacob like Moses had to act on the promise of God as seeing the Invisible. Often we don't move or obey God because of fear, fear of obstacles and fear of inadequacy. But God would say, "Fear not! I am with you." And until today since the day I obeyed the call to the great commission, to disciple all nations and teaching them to obey what Jesus had commanded, Jesus has been proven faithful for He has promised, "I shall be with you until the end of the age."

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