Sunday, November 23, 2014

Preaching Twice

I preached last night in my homechurch's combined cell groups meeting. About 55 people turned up. Quite a few members went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I spoke about the 9 beatitudes according to Jesus' sermon on the Mount. This morning I preached in a church planted by my homechurch which was declared a local SIB church last Friday. Before the main topic of my sermon I spoke about how the Lord laid in my heart to plant the church. In fact, I bought my house in the vicinity just to minister to the potential church goers. Now the church has about 100 adult members and I challenged them to grow further to reach out to the nearby housing estate and university students housed in apartments just 5 minutes away. I read from Titus 1 on the qualification of an elder and why it was important to assess all potential elders in the light of Scriptural requirements, instead on judging by worldly standards. I praised the two elders already serving there since 2009 and it was a real sacrifice on their part to do the work of the ministry in this outreach which had just became a local independent church. But today's topic was on trusting God and I spoke from Matt 6,19-33 about being singled-eye and focused on the things of God. About serving one Lord and hating the other. We can only serve alone and not both God and money. "Do not worry", Jesus repeated several times. We are to trust God for our needs and God will provide when we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. At the end 20 people came forward for prayers and the Lord answered their cries and the poor man's cries came before the Lord and his prayers answered.

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