Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"I Got a Head Start in an Unseemly Hour" (LXX Psalm 118)

In MT Psalm 119, there is this favourite psalm of mine about the Law and God's Word. In LXX translation there is this fascinating verse about the Psalmist waking up before dawn at an unseemly hour. I have been experiencing this lately and if not for the OG Psalm I woud have thought it was just my overactive emotions at work. I believe it is the Spirit of God. For several days since my Ranau trip, I got up at unseemly hour, before dawn at 3am or 4am. I walked downstairs so as not to disturb my wife. I read the Bible, yes the Septuagint for an hour or two and worship the Lord for an hour or so. By 6am I am ready to go and today I went to do some banking early in town to beat the rush hour traffic. Everytime I feel the Spirit stirs I know the Lord has much in store for me. Humanly, it does not make sense.
I was adamant in returning to SIB and I did not apply for a ministry position in Singapore, though several churches there had contacted me and explored ministry opportunities with them. I am absolutely sure now that it is the Lord's will for me to serve in Ranau. When my President asked me last Saturday in Ranau whether I received the letter of appointment, my reply was negative as there was a slight mix up in KK since the HQ's staff did not know I was going up to Ranau a day earlier. My President told me verbally where I would be based and my immediate reply was, "I accept, thank you Pastor". I felt I had to put this matter of my appointment to rest so that other churches will accept the HQ's decision in this matter. In the past few days, the Lord's presence was constant, I could not even sleep but Christ assuring me that all will be well. On Sunday when I first saw the terms of my employment, my heart almost missed a beat but the next beat I heard the Lord's voice, "I will provide." Has not the Lord provided for me all these 20 years in full-time ministry? Going to New Zealand in 1998 with less than 2 months' living expenses but returning with a PhD? Going out empty-handed but returning with flocks of goats and sheep like Jacob? Who is God as great as my God who does wondrous things for His servant time and time again?

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