Thursday, October 1, 2015

12th End-Time Seminar: Earthquakes and Haze

My holding of an end-time seminar on Saturday in another church almost caused some misunderstanding among my church leaders why I was not holding one in my own church. Maybe I have not explained to them that my own homechurch, a church I pastored from 2003 to 2008 had to wait 10 years before I held a seminar there in 2013 on invitation when I was still in Singapore. I have particular requirements or rules before I conduct any end time seminar. The church must prove to be worthy and they must be really keen to have me do the seminar with them. The book of Revelation is not every one's cup of tea. The book of Revelation is God's secrets revealed to those who truly desire His coming. They overcome and they are conquerors. They are not nominal Christians or Sunday Christians. For those who genuinely seek to know, God's mystery will be revealed.
After my 10th seminar in March 2014, I wanted to take a year's break from teaching on End time. Just a week after the Ranau earthquake, I conducted my 11th seminar in Malinsau, 3 hours' drive from Ranau and the second strongest termor of 5.1 struck Ranau early 13th June 2015 morning. I had a knack at escaping natural disasters, the 5th June 5.9 earthquake I was away in KK and only felt a slight shake. Earthquakes or haze, I had a knack of escaping them. On 21st June 2013, the Singapore's PSI read 401 and I flew from KK to Singapore on 22nd June to preach on 23rd June in a Methodist church. When I was making my way to Bukit Timah the haze had all but disappeared. Last September I flew home to Sabah and a couple of days later my Singaporean friend texted me, "enjoy the fresh air while you can in KK. The haze is back in Singapore." Why don't you ask the Lord to take away the haze? The winds and waves of the oceans obeyed Him and He will do it again for He has spoken, "whatever you ask in my Name I will do it (John 14,14).

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