Friday, October 9, 2015

9 Months & 9 Days

I have survived.  The number 9 in Chinese symbolises longevity and in the beginning of my current pastorate I seriously doubt I could last 6 months. More so after the June 5th earthquake when difficulties multiplied in terms of locating water and clean water for drinking. Electricity was intermittent at best and the constant aftershocks were a reminder that this world is passing away and all things are being shaken, literally and spiritually. I looked at some of the photos in the past 9 months and how the Lord in His inscrutable ways makes His will known to his unworthy servant. I looked at my congregation that I have grown to love and now very much part of my family literally and spiritually since none of my family members except my wife and son are in Christ as yet.
The congregation has also grown to love their pastor and the birthday party they held for me with more than 100 people turning up on a Sunday night. A deacon told me two weeks ago after my being away for one whole week that he felt different without the pastor present in all the weekly services. It is good to be missed on one hand but on the other hand it shows that the pastor might be overworked always present and always preaching day in and day out week after week. This is a quiet week because I am only preaching 3 times and not 5 or 6 times as in previous weeks and months. LORD, who is adequate for all these things? Unless the Lord builds the house the builders build in vain. Lord, You have built your house and the nation has increased.

When I looked at my congregation, many families now have invited me to their homes for family services and prayers. In the past fortnight members come calling in the church office for counselling and prayers. After 9 months and 9 days I can say that things are looking up despite numerous challenges. We are still not certain whether we could procure the next door unit for expansion. We will lose members if they don't get it. In fact some members already feel uncomfortable sitting so close to one another and there is hardly any breathing space. Even going to the toilet is a chore because the aisle is taken up with people. It is a good problem and the elders must see to it that it is resolved in the best possible way.

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