Saturday, October 10, 2015

Spreading Wings

My year of hiatus in flying is about to be over. It was on the 24th October last year I flew for the last time making my final trip back to Sabah. Despite several invitations to teach outside of Sabah this year I told myself I was not going to fly for at least a year. I expect to travel next year, if not this December to attend a former student's wedding in Singapore. Sing dollar dropped just so slightly in the past couple of days. If not, I have a confirmed invitation to teach in KL after Chinese New Year in mid February 2016. After making 7 trips in 2013 and 6 trips in 2014, it is wonderful feeling that I don't have to board a plane in 2015.
Now it is travelling back and forth from Ranau and Kota Kinabalu, not a short journey by any means but it beats flying for 2 hours from Singapore to KK anytime. My plan to visit Seoul next year to attend the Society of Biblical Literature Internationa Congress is not confirmed as yet. I might delay the SBL meeting until 2017 which will be held in Berlin. I have long wished to travel to Europe, to Rome and Greece in the footsteps of apostle Paul. May the Lord open the way for me. May the knowledge of the glory of the God spread far and wide as the waters cover the sea as His servant begins to spread his wings once more for His Gospel's sake.

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