Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Lord is Present

I don't need fancy worship teams. We don't have a full band. Our stage is only 15ft x 7. It was so crammed today that 5 musicians squeezed behind the pulpit. I was reminded of the movie Antman when I saw how many people were on stage this morning. It was not the greatest of worship sessions today. But the students did a good job. I did not need to exhort people to give money. In fact I mildly rebuked the song leader for asking the congregation whether they had given their offerings. We don't do that. It is a competely free will offering. People can give and people can choose not to give. No questions asked. No mini sermon before the collection bags are passed round. Just a brief prayer to ask God to bless his people who give and bless those who can't give so that they are financially provided for. I don't need fancy church programmes.
I simply preach God's Word in the power of the Spirit. A former deacon told me last night in our children's day celebrations that before I came as pastor, he could not really understand the sermons, but now he felt the sermons spoke to him personally. Where there is honey, the bees will gather. Where there is green pasture the sheep will gather. Today, our cups runneth over. We ran out of communion cups as there were close to 300 adults in the first service and another 150 adults in the 2nd service. I had never seen the 2nd service so full. I trust the leaders see that as well with their spiritual eyes so that they could expedite the lease of the next door unit. I did not expect in less than a year that I am pastoring a congregation of more than 400 adults, about the same sized congregation in my homechurch which I took almost 5 years to build up. God is doing wonders in our time. Where the Lord is present, things happen. People are blessed in presence of the Lord. The harvests are plentiful but the workers are few.

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