Monday, October 26, 2015

Belated Blessings

Have you wondered why sometimes God delays in answering our prayers? One is to teach us to patiently wait for something we long for, Second, it could be that God knows exactly when we need the blessings or answers to our prayers. Yesterday, I preached on prayers in the first service from the Sermon on the Mount. I did not realize that I had preached for 30 mins until I saw the clock ticked 9.30am our scheduled end. But announcements took 15 mins and I knew from early on we were in trouble since we had holy communion and with a packed church of about 290 people it took a while before everyone was served. Normally we would mobilize 4 deacons but yesterday we had 6 deacons serving the emblems. So I only took to the pulpit to preach when the clock was showing 9am. Ask, and you shall receive seek and you shall find and knock and the door shall be opened unto you.
I talked about our humility and utter dependence on God like a toddler or a child to his or her father or mother. How toddlers cling to their parents when they sensed dangers or refused to greet strangers.  We are God's children and we can come to God with total humility confessiNg our need of Him. I quoted the famous verses in Hebrews 11,6 when I expounded on the notion, seek. God rewards those who seek diligently after him. On knocking I related the parable of a man knocking on his friends door. The friend got up not because the person was a friend but because of his persistence or boldness. Shamelessness in asking God for his favours until we receive answers from him I quoted Hebrews 4,16. I am glad my youths controlling the multimedia and computer were spot on. She managed to keep up with all the verses I mentioned and that eased the delivery of the message since I was rushing a little. But the time the offering was taken and intercessory prayers said, it was 9.4am when we ended.

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