Friday, October 30, 2015

Worship Team in Worship Mode

I was reluctant to give my go-ahead when my worship team asked that they meet every alternate Thursday for worship and mutual encouragement. I told the deacon in charge of the worship ministry that I have only Thursday off and it will be difficult to attend another meeting in the week. But I relented somewhat and the worship team started their meeting late last month. I went for the first time last night and shared a devotion on the 63rd Psalm. I noticed several things happening during last night's meeting. The attendance was about 40 people, mostly youths about the same numbers with our mid-week service of mostly adults. Second, the structure of the meeting was extremely innovative. The meeting started with an ice-breaker/game and those caught up were asked to share their testimonies. How nice. For once I got to listen to my members' testimonies though I had encouraged them to come forward on a Sunday but being a bit shy, none had taken up the offer. Yesterday I heard four youths sharing how the Lord blessed them during the week.
A young lady shared how the Lord blessed her Saloon business. One student shared her troubles in applying into the School Hostel but succeeded when she prayed to the Lord. Only last Sunday when I preached about prayer, I asked the congregation to take time to pray and ask the Lord to intervene in whatever situations they were facing. The Lord will give victory to those who cry out to Him. Third, the most interesting part of the service was that each song leader led one song. We had 5 songs in all. This was to train budding song leaders and after the fifth song, it was my turn to share the devotion. As usual I preached but in a far more gentle and assuring tone compared to Wednesday night's sermon. I shared about my walk with the Lord based on Psalm 63 and how worship and drawing close to the Lord has been the main fulcrum of my Christian life. I shared how the Lord led me to Ranau. I shared how for the first time in 10 years, I did not fly even once within 12 months. I had stayed put in Ranau and I am staying put in Ranau. I shared how the Lord granted me visions encouraging me to look to Him. After the sharing, we had a light meal together and more fellowship. Then for 30 minutes we sang one song, "People need the Lord" in both English and Indonesian/Malay version. We had a wonderful time and the youths seemed surprise that the pastor had become a singer. Twice I tried giving away the mike and twice they insisted the pastor sang along them. But I am no singer, unlike King David the sweet psalmist of Israel. We ended at 10:20pm with laughter as we parted ways in the joy of the Holy Spirit.

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