Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mission Impossible

One of my students in my home group used the illustration of the movie Mission Impossible as a type of the Christian ministry. How apt! My mission is about to end. Today my HQ leaders brought me to an established seminary in KK and with some restraint on my part I had to do most of the talking and negotiated on behalf of the College and our Church. This could be my last act as the teaching Semester has come to an end (next week for some courses) and all I have left is the Open Day's lectures on the Trinity on 21st May and then that's it. It is very likely I am elsewhere come July or August. I have a trip to South Korea the first week of July to present a paper on the book of Revelation thanks to a Singaporean friend who sent a love gift a few months back.
Sometimes it is hard to leave things behind. I have grown to love my students and faculty colleagues. I am moving house the 5th time from my College room to a College's house that is run down and barely inhabitable but it will be for a month or two before I move out for good so I will bear with it. The publication of the 2nd edition of College magazine today tells the story of my work for the past three-and-a half months and if you are into the apocalpytic, the figure 3 1/2 is not without great significance. It tells of a time cut short and my time at College fits the pattern of my life, from one mission to another, mission impossible, a time cut short.

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