Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Power of Prayer

It is perhaps much easier to lead institutional change than worship. Leading God's people into God's presence is a privilege, honour and a high calling. We are priests in Christ offering of Himself to the world and we stand as instruments of His grace to lead others to worship Him. Last Sunday I led intercessory prayers at College after the usual Sunday morning service. Only half the College community was present with two colleagues leading their home groups on mission elsewhere and the rest stayed behind. We worshipped God. I led the reading from the set text of Isaiah 58:3-12. I read Scripture aloud and then 10 minutes were given to silent meditation which was followed by a 20-minute reflection within the small group. I then expounded the passage over 25 mins with the focus on praying and the meaning of true fasting. After the sharing, a student leader came up and he asked that we prayed for rain. It had not rained for 2 months in Namaus, Ranau.
I testified how I felt that the Lord was performing his purpose in the drought and hence for the past two weeks when many had prayed for rain I had refrained from so doing. But on Sunday I prayed for rain along with the students. We called on God, the giver of rain to give us rain, even today (Sunday). I had earlier on Saturday told a colleague that I would pray for rain to fall the next day as I was leading a preaching team to a nearby District that night and I did not want it to rain as it would be difficult to travel in the rain at night. So at 12:30pm we broke for lunch and the College students returned to their dorms respectively. Later, they in unison cried out "Praise the Lord" when the rain fell at 2pm. But I was asleep throughout having got up real early on Sunday morning a habit I developed many years back. Lord You provide for Your beloved his sleep. When I got up at 3pm, I looked at the ground and the valley ball court and it was all wet. Hallelujah! The Lord answered our prayers and for the next two days it did rain aplenty until today.

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