Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Son of Man Saying

Sometimes I think it might be just coincidence but how often times the Lord will speak a timely word to me when I open my Bible for morning devotions. For the first time my wife and I slept in my college room last night and when I woke up at 5am it was all quiet. During weekdays I would hear students singing at 5am, but today on Saturday it was dead quiet and dark at 5am. So I went out to the hall outside my room so as not to disturb my wife. I opened my Bible and it fell to Matt 8.
First I read about Jesus touching Peter's mother in law's hand and healing her. It was not an usual act by Jesus for it was taboo for a man to touch a woman (1 Cor 7,1). As  I read on, my eyes were fixated on the verse, "foxes have holes and birds have nest, but the son of man has no where to lay his head." Immediately my spirit stirred and did not Jesus say, my words are spirit and life? I was totally exhausted after 2 days of moving house in the midst of a busy preaching season. I kept telling my friends who offered help that I only had small things kecil-kecil saja and I thought I could manage on my own but carrying small boxes and bags 10 times up and down first floor and putting into my car and then unloading was quite difficult for one over 50. And it was my fourth moving house in less than 18 months, from Upper Bukit Timah to Clement, from Clement to Kota Kinabalu, from KK to Ranau and now from Ranau to Namaus. At the top of that passage in my Bible is the title "the cost of following Jesus". It was part of the journeying with the Lord in this world, even now I journey and on my way to my next revival meeting starting tonight. I will only know where we will be putting up when we reach Tenom. Kurie Eleison!

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