Saturday, April 9, 2016

Transition & Travels

It has been a long transition. In my last pastorate that ended March 2008 I gave 5 months' notice of my resignation and this time it was only 2 months until 31st March 2016. I had no time to waste at College and I learned from the experience of a long transition as a pastor on the way out though I must thank for my home church in Kota Kinabalu for trying everything possible to hold on to their pastor including making a resolution at the church's AGM which never happened before in the church's history. Transition is never a pleasant period of time. One waits for the current to come to an end and the new to begin. Though for me this time I am already working full-time at College and transiting from the church to College was not difficult.
Emotionally it was hard as I got close to many church members including the some 100 students from the 2 nearby Secondary schools. But I can't let sentiments deter me from the pursuing the cause at all costs. I am giving up everything, conveniences and amenities available in Ranau town for a village in the wilderness setting. Now I have to wash my clothes with my bare hands. I have become a voice in the wilderness, a caged bird chirping away. Nonetheless, the break from pastoring a church week in and week out allows me to travel from place to place. Tonight will be my fifth speaking engagement since taking leave as a church pastor from 6th March. Last weekend I drove 5 hours to Kemabong the nearest sub-district to Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesian borders. Since the Retreat in Telupid I had driven 2,000kms and I had preached to thousands. The reaper is paid and gathers fruits for eternal life and I continue to strive to achieve what God has called me to do and fulfill His purpose in my generation.

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