Friday, April 1, 2016

The Last Day

I am sitting at my church office desk for the last time before handing over the keys to the church secretary. Today I have completed my work at SIB Muhibbah and it was good while it lasted, a total of 15 months perhaps a bit longer than the ministry of John the Baptist and half the time of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is finished, the cry of the Lord on the cross and I can say the same here for my local church. My wife spent the last day with a sister, a faithful member of the church and the feminine touch of the pastor's wife does help to elevate the status of the pastor in the eyes of the congregation. Indeed a wife is a helper, help meet for the times.
I had a busy day at College yesterday as I attended the College magazine com meeting chaired by my colleague as editor. I find team work to be a strength at College. Only once or twice I had to put my foot down to get things going. Otherwise a gentle word of encouragement or reminder is all that is needed. As Paul preferred,  shall I come to you with a rod or the spirit of gentlenes? This is the exercise of apostolic authority and it is done sparingly. After several requests from a church in Entilibon, 4 hours drive from here,  I reluctantly accepted their invitation to preach during Christmas over 3 days. I told the pastor there that I don't even know where I will be in June, let alone in December. If I am outside of Sabah, they need to pay for my air tickets but that is really the least of my concerns right now.

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