Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Burden of Leadership

I am always surprised by the fact that some people are too eager to assume positions of leadership. Leaders are called by God to lead His people. This morning I preached from Isaiah 55,3-4 on the new David as witness to the nations and a leader and commander of God's people. I prayed the opening prayer at 7.52am and forthwith preached my 20mins sermon without the usual opening songs. Twice I had instructed the worship team to be ready by 7.50am sharp when no one went up by 7.52am I stepped up and preached. The burden of leadership could be a crushing one.
I told the Community gathered and some were still walking in as I spoke that I had failed as a leader since I instructed the Chapel to start at 7,50am and no one seemed to heed my instructions. I told them that to be faithful in little things first before God can entrust them with greater responsibilities. If they can't be punctual since they live on Campus then don't expect to do great things for God. I shared with them that the greatest of leaders faced tremendous challenges in leadership. Wasn't Moses one of the greatest leaders and prophets in Israeli and biblical history? But how often he encountered rebellion and disobedience from his fellow Israelites.  One cay surmise that the story of the Exodus and Numbers is the story of Israel's rebellion towards God-appointed leaders and they were judged for it. All but two families died in the wilderness for their rebellion. I shared from Matthew 5,41 on Jesus' teaching on going the extra mile. How often I see servants of God doing the minimum or laze around because at the end of the day the salary pay is still the same. How many go the extra mile? Then I ended the sermon by quoting Hebrews 13,17 where the command is that we obey and submit to our leaders for they have charge over our souls. I shared with them how deeply saddened I was in leaving my pastorate and the main reason was not because I was appointed Acting Principal but some other concerns which I did not specify.  Lord have mercy on my soul. Lord have mercy on MTS!

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