Thursday, October 6, 2016

Keep Fighting

The struggle of faith never ceases to stop. The  fight goes on. There could be a lull but the storm soon follows. Like Jacob, whose new name, Israel means God contends or God fights, Christians need not fight by ourselves or on our own strength, if we do we will soon burn out, give up and fall into despair and never rise again. But in Christ our fight is noble. Fighting for godly values. I just shared with a person who told me how corrupt the system of contracts and award of contracts is, I told him I encountered many such temptations in my legal career but never once paid a bribe or took a bribe to pervert justice or gain some favour.
I shared with him why I stayed in SIB because there is a fight and struggle to help people. Very few qualified people could speak Malay and relate to the indigenous people like I can and I told my friend just now that it is a gift of God. But I have to keep fighting. Circumstances are not getting better or easier. I am still living out of suitcases and in a room. Sometimes it seems there are many Goliaths in my life but it is precisely on these challenges, we find the Davids in us and win the fight.  It is already coming to the end of the teaching Semester and in less than a month all the students will return home after the convocation ceremony. Time never waits for anyone and it is almost a year now that my life took a dramatic turn and I have been fighting ever since.

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